Conferences & Icebreakers

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford

Conferences should be a launch pad for informing, motivating and inspiring your people. A structured forum where knowledge and ideas can be shared and discussed.

Eventology services range from initial concept design and venue management through to speaker coaching and full production services.

We pride ourselves on delivering relevant, creative and memorable meetings & conference management solutions.

Below are some of Eventology's Conference & Icebreaker solutions:

Drum Workshop

Get everyone drumming to the same rhythm with this African based Ice Breaker. Highlighting the effectiveness of group work.

Drumming has been used to motivate and inspire for hundreds of years and will no doubt leave your colleagues energized and relaxed for the busy day ahead.

A great and cost effective way to raise the roof at your next conference or meeting.

Facilitation Services

Eventology works with both local and International Business Facilitators helping you achieve the best Return on Investment for your event. We design and facilitate productive conversations leading to great results in less time.

Using a variety of tolls and methods our facilitators help groups of any size reach effective decisions, solve problems, resolve conflict and develop realistic planning through meaningful discussion.

Motivational Speakers

Finding a Motivational Speaker for your conference can be a tough. Inspiring an audience is one thing but getting the audience to act on that inspiration back in the workplace is another.

We have an extensive list of Motivational speakers, from well known international television celebrities to local entrepreneurs. Eventology will help you find the right speaker for your day, bringing relevance, good content, entertainment and inspiration to the event.

Balloon Chaos

An interactive and energetic team building experience perfect for breaking down internal barriers and getting the blood pumping.

Teams consist of Blowers, Bashers and Stuffers; the aim is to move as many of their balloons from one side of the room to the other. Will mission focus be maintained or will the urge to sabotage take over?

Speed Networking

A fast and furious ice breaker that will help you get to know your colleagues in a matter of minutes. Where Speed Daters narrow their choices, eliminating the unsuitable, speed networkers broaden connections, increase exposure and understanding.

Great for newly formed teams and companies with multiple locations.

Nine Fruits

A citrus-based ice breaker activity highlighting the relationships between speed and service.

In 15 minutes, participants are challenged to pass a piece of fruit amongst themselves in specific ways and adhering to certain rules. As demand increases, teams must employ communication, support, tolerance and understanding if they are to be successful.


How well do you know your colleagues? Ever wondered if they are aliens walking amongst us? Inject some fun and intrigue into your team with ConneXions.

This Ice Breaker is great for newly formed teams that are looking for ways to connect with one another. Using just a ball of string and an instructor to lead you, you will soon find interesting facts out about one another that will really help you to connect when back in the workplace

First Impressions

Have you ever wondered about the First Impression you leave people with? Here's a great chance to find out.

This powerful ice breaker allows participants to leave feeling a new warmth towards their team. It has a simple yet effective structure with participants sharing nice and encouraging words only.

Great for both new and well formed teams.

Human Bingo

Open up your conversational channels with this fun, furious and fast paced Ice Breaker.

Armed with Bingo Cards full of personal and professional details, participants will race around the room to find which individuals relate to each fact. Like a true Bingo hall, loud call's of 'House' will be heard around the room. Rather than participants winning a cash prize, they will all win a new, better understanding of each other.